Adam Weingrod’s feature documentary debut is a stirring look at the inhabitants and workers of the St. Louis French Hospital—a Hospice for terminally ill patients—situated on the tense border between East and West Jerusalem. Employing a Frederick Wiseman-esque observational style, Weingrod’s soulful film inhabits this centuries old hospital over a period of two years as its workers tend to the critically ill inhabitants housed there, helping them to live out the remaining days of their lives with dignity.

While the film’s focus revolves around end-of-life care, it is far from dreary. Instead, finding great warmth, resonance and even joy in human interaction, even in this unlikeliest of places. This is a film that relishes the quiet moments of life, working from the assumption that these little moments—a shared laugh, an anecdote between workers, a hug, a routine act of kindness—build to something greater than the bigger milestones by which we often judge our lives.

The world outside the hospital is fraught with divisions, tensions and even war between the various religious and ethnic factions that inhabit the city. Within the walls of St. Louis French Hospital, Jews, Christians, and Muslims work together, finding meaning and camaraderie in their mission to bring comfort to those living out their final days. One exits this deeply moving film wishing that the caring dynamic on display inside hospital walls could be replicated outside its confines.




Jaipur International Film Festival | India


Kolkata International Film Festival | India


Vancouver Jewish Film Festival | Canada



Outer Docs Film Festival | USA



Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival | Hungary

7.11.18 (Q&A with Director)
9.11.18 (Q&A with Director)

DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival | Azerbaijan



Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival | USA




Ischia Film Festival | Italy

30.6.18 (Q&A with Director)


Pärnu International Anthropology Film Festival | Estonia



SCENECS International Film Festival | Netherlands 

WINNER - Dutch Golden Stone Award for Best Documentary

27.6.18 (Q&A with Director)

28.6.18 (Q&A with Director)


Méditerranée Festival | Israel

13.6.18 (Q&A with Director)


Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival | Israel

14.6.18 (Q&A with Director)


WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival | USA

WINNER of the Silver Remi Mid' length Documentary


Moscow Jewish Film Festival | Russia



German International Ethnographic Film Festival | Germany



Maryland Film Festival | USA




Sehsuechte International Film Festival | Germany


Mexico City University | Mexico 

24.4.18 (Q&A with Director)


Thin Line International Documentary Film Festival | USA

21.4.18 (Q&A with Director)

22.4.18 (Q&A with Director)

Amherst JCA | USA

14.4.18 (Q&A with Director)

The International Ethnographic Film Festival of Quebec | Canada



Ethnografilm Paris | France
5.4.18 (Q&A with Director)
Santa Barbara International Film Festival | CA, USA) 
6.2.18 (Q&A with Director)
7.2.18 (Q&A with Director)
Doc Aviv Film Festival | Israel
- 8.5.17 (Q&A with Director)

"It was beautiful. No words needed. The touches of humor, kindness, sadness, hope, and faith were handled like poetry— really, really special and full of compassion for humanness. I know I will keep thinking about it for a long time" 



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